Brook Farm Project


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April 15, 2014

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January 2, 2014

Farm Board Message to Our Supporters,

The Brook Farm Project Board is enormously grateful for the opportunity we had during the past 10 years to be part of this scenic and historic landscape, farm and community.  We have been fortunate to have the steadfast support of a great number of motivated and talented people from our immediate neighborhood, and beyond—who dedicated their skills, knowledge, and countless hours of labor and love to the development and ongoing activities of our Project.

This past year in particular we saw a strong resurgence of positive community involvement and participation, thanks to our very capable and highly motivated farm manager, Creek Iverson with his partner Lisa. We also wish to thank our staff Kate McCoy, Elaine Matthews and Rachel B. Matteson for their years of work on behalf of the Project.  We were able to extend the outreach and the positive impact of BFP in many ways.

We want to express our deepest appreciation to all of you that have helped—with volunteer labor on the property and fields, assistance at activities and events, donations of supplies and equipment, general support, advice, songs and encouragement, and by buying what we produce. A huge thanks to ALL who have been a part of Brook Farm Project this year and before! You enabled us all to do so much this year. We take great pride in those accomplishments.

Brook Farm has seen substantial changes in its long history—going back decades even before the founding of the farm as a non-profit organization. We now face another change, with uncertain outcome, as we conclude our occupancy at the farm by the end of 2013.  BFP does not now plan for an active farm operation in the coming year. However, the organization will remain in existence as a viable entity. We believe new ways can be found to continue our mission—environmentally and financially sustainable local food production; land-based education; and community involvement.  We are optimistic that other groups and individuals will find a place AND we will be able to work in coordination with them.

We sincerely hope that we will find these new ways, in 2014 and beyond, to continue to work with you—our friends and neighbors.

Keep the fires burning, our gratitude and cheers to you all!

Brook Farm Project Board —Doc, Jon, Gerow, Patty and Sarah

Farm Description: Founded in 2004, Brook Farm Project was a 501(c)(3) nonprofit sustainable farm located 2-1/2 miles west of New Paltz at the foot of the world-famous Shawangunk Ridge until the end of 2013.  On our 20-acre farm, we raised mixed vegetables, herbs, berries, flowers, laying hens, and other livestock during the 2013 season.  We marketed our farm goods and value-added products through our growing vegetable CSA, a local farm market, regional festivals, and a farm stand.  We created a farm that is community-based, inter-generational, human-powered (although we still used trucks and tractors), focused on experiential learning and self-development, innovative and ever more sustainable, full of joyful work and infused with the arts, especially music.  As a working farm, we demonstrated the value of an agricultural landscape that contributes to the rural character, historic charm, and economic base of the region.

Our Commitment to Sustainable Agriculture – Brook Farm Project signed NOFA-NY’s Farmer’s Pledge, our guarantee that our farming practices were sustainable.  We incorporated progressive practices such as no-till raised bed vegetable cultivation, crop rotation, cover-cropping, composting and drip irrigation, all while supporting the health of our members and buyers, our farmers, and the environment.

Our Educational Mission – As part of our educational mission, we offered a site for field trips, and tours, and other activities that promote the teaching of sustainable agriculture.   We explored the ecological, agronomic, social, and economic impacts of sustainable agricultural practices, while educating the public about the value of local food systems and environmentally-sound farming practices.

See our 2013 Newsletter page for last year’s news from the farm.