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Status Update for BFP organization Jan 23, 2013

January 23, 2014

2014 Brook Farm Project’s New Directions

As many know by now, Brook Farm Project’s (BFP) Community Supported Agriculture farm, which for the past 10 years was operated at Brook Farm on Lenape Lane, is now moved off that property.

Despite a hiatus this year (2014) for BFP’s on-the-ground projects and activities, the BFP non-profit organization will remain functional with a Board of Directors and a small core group that is still very interested in the mission, values and goals for which it was established. These are farm land-based education; demonstration of sustainable agricultural practices (both ecologically and financially); and local community involvement. We are optimistic that new opportunities will arise for us to continue our mission, values and goals.

We have much experience and a human resources network within our existing and viable non-profit organizational structure, that will be of use in future situations—even though our financial resources and farm assets are modest. We may be able to assist existing groups or individuals–in supporting roles, as a partner, or in a sounding board or advisory capacity.

We invite and welcome your ideas, input, proposals—from those of you that know BF, as well as newcomers—for new directions for BFP.

Please contact the following Board members if you have questions, or for conversations regarding future possibilities.

Doc Smiley (Chairman) ___(c) 406-250-1402;__docsmiley45@yahoo.com________

Gerow Smiley (Vice Chairman)___(h) 909-335-5756__________

Patty Matteson  _(c)__845-594-2715; vlyhome@yahoo.com

Sarah Underhill  _(c) _845-546-3456;_underhval@hvi.net__________

If you have questions or ideas or want to converse with the past season (2013) farm manager, Creek Iversen, he may be contacted in these ways:

P.O. Box 1089, New Paltz NY 12561;  (c) 845-902-8154; Creek.Iversen@gmail.com.

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