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Message from Us and Phillies Bridge Farm Project-April 2014

April 15, 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

TO: All supporters of Brook Farm Project, and especially recent BFP CSA Shareholders:

As many know, Brook Farm Project’s (BFP) Community Supported Agriculture farm, which for the past 10 years was operated at Brook Farm on Lenape Lane, moved off that property last December.

Despite a hiatus this year for our on-the-ground projects and activities, the BFP non-profit organization remains functional with a Board of Directors and a small core group still very interested in our mission, values and goals. These are farm land-based education; demonstration of sustainable agricultural practices (both ecologically and financially); and local community involvement. We are happy to say we have several ongoing discussions to that end with New Paltz area environmental and farm oriented organizations –one of which is Phillies Bridge Farm Project (PBFP).

We encourage you to become acquainted with PBFP. To that end, please see the following 2014 message from PBFP inviting us all to visit their farm, learn about their programs, and meet their farmer.


Doc Smiley (Chairman) (c) 406-250-1402; docsmiley45@yahoo.com

Gerow Smiley (Vice Chairman)

Patty Matteson

Sarah Underhill


To Brook Farm Project CSA Shareholders and those interested:

Phillies Bridge Farm Project (www.philliesbridge.org) is excited to have our successful grower of the 2010-2012 seasons, Anne Eschenroeder, returning to farm our fields and to run the CSA for the 2014 season. Farmer Anne is confident that it will be a bountiful season. Amie Baracks is returning for her fifth year serving as Education Director at PBFP; running the organization’s summer farm camp, school field trip programs, and toddler programs. Every year, over 1000 children come to learn, taste, and grow at the farm. The PBFP Board of Directors has expanded to include 12 incredibly skilled, competent, energetic, and passionately dedicated members. At the helm of the Board is our new President, Sally Vasse, who served on the PBFP Board of Directors for six years during some of its most successful seasons.

This 65-acre historic farm belonged to the LeFevre family for 7 generations. In 1984 the farm was purchased by James Jr. and Mary Ottaway. The Ottaways were approached by Mohonk Consultations to create a demonstration farm that would focus on organic techniques and community education. With the vision and initiative of Dan Guenther, Helen Vukasin, and Gayil Greene, this farm was leased from the Ottaways to create the Phillies Bridge Farm Project, which became a not-for-profit organization in 1999. In 2003 the Phillies Bridge Farm Project conveyed a conservation easement on the property to the Wallkill Valley Land Trust.

With PBFP continuing to grow as an organization and as a working farm in 2014, and Brook Farm Project working to re-direct its activities and functions, we see an opportunity for collaboration and partnership between the organizations.

PBFP wants to extend a special invitation to the Brook Farm Project community to attend an Open House/Spring Festival for the public on Saturday, May 17th.    The day will include a tour of the farm, children’s activities, and a general orientation to the organization and the work we do.  Farmer Anne is happy to give personal tours of the farm and talk about her plans for the 2014 CSA to anyone from BFP who might be interested in joining the Phillies Bridge CSA in 2014: feel free to contact her directly to set up a time and date: anne@philliesbridge.org.  To learn more about our CSA program in the comfort of your own home, please visit our website.  We would be very pleased if you would like to register for a share. You can do so here.

With sincere best wishes,

Sally Vasse, President, Board of Directors, Phillies Bridge Farm Project

Anne Eschenroeder, Farmer, Phillies Bridge Farm Project



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