Our Mission

To foster a contemporary, sustainable and local food system, Brook Farm Project’s mission was three-fold :

1)  to operate a working farm that serves as a model of small-scale, sustainable agriculture
2)  to provide our local community with the freshest and purest, local and nutritious food available through our CSA
3)  to conduct educational and research programs and classes at the farm, dedicated to the development and teaching of sustainable farming practices.

How do farming and education fit together at Brook Farm?
Brook Farm Project established a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with SUNY New Paltz to bring many classes to the farm fields. BFP Education Coordinator, Assistant Professor of Educational Studies at SUNY New Paltz, Kate McCoy, explained,

“Often our local university students have never seen where their food comes from and how it is grown.  Visits to Brook Farm have been made by a diverse range of SUNY New Paltz Professors with their classes—from art to math, Educational Foundations to English as a Second Language, and from the sciences to business and economics—all find ways to connect the importance of local, sustainable farming to the material they teach.”

Our students usually came away with new perspectives on the politics of food and its direct effect on our history as a nation, as well as on the health of the planet and its inhabitants. 

Our goal  
Was to inspire positive change by raising public awareness of the profound importance of developing a sustainable food system.

Our values
We worked toward a sustainable future and a healthy planet by means of community-building and  awareness education, while inspiring a sense of purpose and connection to the earth and to each other.

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