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New Paltz, NY, 12/11/14. Brook Farm Project (BFP) and Phillies Bridge Farm Project (PBFP) are pleased to announce that, as of early summer of this year, they have worked together to provide farm-based education at Phillies Bridge Farm, with funding from the Open Space Institute for teaching and research for students and faculty at SUNY- New Paltz.

The education project was initiated in the 2014 Fall semester thanks to the support of a grant from the Open Space Institute in support of Brook Farm Project. The university-level program and offerings are both a transfer and expansion of the strong university-farm relationship and program that existed at Brook Farm Project from 2008 to 2013. PBFP also had a research and independent-study relationship with the university’s School of Education in 2007.

Brook Farm Project’s educational mission is to offer a site for field trips, tours and other activities that promote the teaching of sustainable agriculture. The focus is on the ecological, agronomic, social and economic impacts of sustainable agricultural practices, while educating the public and SUNY-New Paltz classes about the value of local food systems and environmentally sound farming practices. Now this educational mission is continuing at Phillies Bridge Farm.

During the Fall 2014 semester, classes in Environmental Sociology, American Literature, Creative Writing, People-Environment Relations, and Strategic Corporate Responsibility have met for on-farm instruction, tours, and discussion.

Comments from professors and students include: “This was an outstanding learning experience for my students…. it was a profound consciousness raising experience for them to see first hand where their food comes from and the work that lies behind it.” — Sociology Professor Brian Obach

A student in an American Literature class wrote: “This experience opened my eyes to what Thoreau could have witnessed during two years and two months of living in isolation. It was very peaceful at Phillies Bridge. It gave me the opportunity to explore nature and the beauty within it.” — Rachel Bell

Students in the graduate MBA course in Strategic Corporate Responsibility engaged in a major research project to determine viable economic models and strategies for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms, which are a burgeoning enterprise in the Hudson Valley. They reported their findings in a class presentation to the Board of Directors of Phillies Bridge Farm Project.

According to Professor Michael Sheridan, “My students’ understanding of the farm’s operations, its history and its current situation did not fully crystallize until they were able to walk in the fields and talk with (Farmer) Anne….For example, we had discussed the CSA model at least two times in the classroom, but until they were able to observe the shareholders arriving for their weekly pickup, the idea remained foreign to many of them.” He added, “This is but one example of how the visit made their project real and…. increased their enthusiasm immensely. Almost every student in this class has told me how much they have enjoyed the course because it deals with the real world.”

Further, two service groups of SUNY-New Paltz students spent full Saturdays learning and working at PBFP, said Sally Vasse, President of the PBFP Board of Directors. “First 20 students came on “Make A Difference Day” to help with end-of-season tasks, cleaning barns, and repairing roads.” She also noted, “The “Saturdays for Service” group of 15 students focused on this year’s theme of sustainable agriculture, and spent a day breaking down gardens and learning about, making, and spreading compost on the fields to prepare for spring.”

The “Brook Farm at Phillies Bridge Farm” program for SUNY-New Paltz will continue during the University’s Spring term, 2015.



Sarah Underhill, Secretary

Board Member, Brook Farm Project

845 546 3456

Sally Vasse, President

Phillies Bridge Farm Project

45 Phillies Bridge Farm

Nw Paltz NY 12561

845 255-1145

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Farm for Sale

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Our friends Erik and Cecile Schmidt have put their farm up for sale, so if you know any farmers who are looking for a place to settle down, please spread the word about this parcel. It is located west of Kerhonkson on Berme Road and includes 14.3 acres, with about 8 of those in pasture and the rest wooded. The pastures have “5 wire high tensile fencing”, and there is a 1200 square foot barn with power and water. There is the lovely new little hay bale house, super insulated, more of a boutique “one of a kind” cottage, really. It  has 3 bedrooms and only one bathroom, so not great for a large family. The realtor’s name is Stefan and his phone is 845 633-5223.

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Message from Creek and the Gang at Whirligig Farm

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Message from Us and Phillies Bridge Farm Project-April 2014

Monday, April 14, 2014

TO: All supporters of Brook Farm Project, and especially recent BFP CSA Shareholders:

As many know, Brook Farm Project’s (BFP) Community Supported Agriculture farm, which for the past 10 years was operated at Brook Farm on Lenape Lane, moved off that property last December.

Despite a hiatus this year for our on-the-ground projects and activities, the BFP non-profit organization remains functional with a Board of Directors and a small core group still very interested in our mission, values and goals. These are farm land-based education; demonstration of sustainable agricultural practices (both ecologically and financially); and local community involvement. We are happy to say we have several ongoing discussions to that end with New Paltz area environmental and farm oriented organizations –one of which is Phillies Bridge Farm Project (PBFP).

We encourage you to become acquainted with PBFP. To that end, please see the following 2014 message from PBFP inviting us all to visit their farm, learn about their programs, and meet their farmer.


Doc Smiley (Chairman) (c) 406-250-1402;

Gerow Smiley (Vice Chairman)

Patty Matteson

Sarah Underhill


To Brook Farm Project CSA Shareholders and those interested:

Phillies Bridge Farm Project ( is excited to have our successful grower of the 2010-2012 seasons, Anne Eschenroeder, returning to farm our fields and to run the CSA for the 2014 season. Farmer Anne is confident that it will be a bountiful season. Amie Baracks is returning for her fifth year serving as Education Director at PBFP; running the organization’s summer farm camp, school field trip programs, and toddler programs. Every year, over 1000 children come to learn, taste, and grow at the farm. The PBFP Board of Directors has expanded to include 12 incredibly skilled, competent, energetic, and passionately dedicated members. At the helm of the Board is our new President, Sally Vasse, who served on the PBFP Board of Directors for six years during some of its most successful seasons.

This 65-acre historic farm belonged to the LeFevre family for 7 generations. In 1984 the farm was purchased by James Jr. and Mary Ottaway. The Ottaways were approached by Mohonk Consultations to create a demonstration farm that would focus on organic techniques and community education. With the vision and initiative of Dan Guenther, Helen Vukasin, and Gayil Greene, this farm was leased from the Ottaways to create the Phillies Bridge Farm Project, which became a not-for-profit organization in 1999. In 2003 the Phillies Bridge Farm Project conveyed a conservation easement on the property to the Wallkill Valley Land Trust.

With PBFP continuing to grow as an organization and as a working farm in 2014, and Brook Farm Project working to re-direct its activities and functions, we see an opportunity for collaboration and partnership between the organizations.

PBFP wants to extend a special invitation to the Brook Farm Project community to attend an Open House/Spring Festival for the public on Saturday, May 17th.    The day will include a tour of the farm, children’s activities, and a general orientation to the organization and the work we do.  Farmer Anne is happy to give personal tours of the farm and talk about her plans for the 2014 CSA to anyone from BFP who might be interested in joining the Phillies Bridge CSA in 2014: feel free to contact her directly to set up a time and date:  To learn more about our CSA program in the comfort of your own home, please visit our website.  We would be very pleased if you would like to register for a share. You can do so here.

With sincere best wishes,

Sally Vasse, President, Board of Directors, Phillies Bridge Farm Project

Anne Eschenroeder, Farmer, Phillies Bridge Farm Project



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Status Update for BFP organization Jan 23, 2013

2014 Brook Farm Project’s New Directions

As many know by now, Brook Farm Project’s (BFP) Community Supported Agriculture farm, which for the past 10 years was operated at Brook Farm on Lenape Lane, is now moved off that property.

Despite a hiatus this year (2014) for BFP’s on-the-ground projects and activities, the BFP non-profit organization will remain functional with a Board of Directors and a small core group that is still very interested in the mission, values and goals for which it was established. These are farm land-based education; demonstration of sustainable agricultural practices (both ecologically and financially); and local community involvement. We are optimistic that new opportunities will arise for us to continue our mission, values and goals.

We have much experience and a human resources network within our existing and viable non-profit organizational structure, that will be of use in future situations—even though our financial resources and farm assets are modest. We may be able to assist existing groups or individuals–in supporting roles, as a partner, or in a sounding board or advisory capacity.

We invite and welcome your ideas, input, proposals—from those of you that know BF, as well as newcomers—for new directions for BFP.

Please contact the following Board members if you have questions, or for conversations regarding future possibilities.

Doc Smiley (Chairman) ___(c) 406-250-1402;__docsmiley45@yahoo.com________

Gerow Smiley (Vice Chairman)___(h) 909-335-5756__________

Patty Matteson  _(c)__845-594-2715;

Sarah Underhill  _(c) _845-546-3456;_underhval@hvi.net__________

If you have questions or ideas or want to converse with the past season (2013) farm manager, Creek Iversen, he may be contacted in these ways:

P.O. Box 1089, New Paltz NY 12561;  (c) 845-902-8154;

Check out our Winter BEET 2013 newsletter

Celebration of Thanks – This Sunday!

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Please drop by the farmhouse this Sunday, December 1 to be a part of our End-of-Season Celebration of Thanks to the community who has supported us this past year and for the past 10 years.  We will extend our gratitude to all that have supported or participated in the diverse farm enterprise, and acknowledge those volunteers, CSA patrons, and other supporters that have gone above and beyond during this season.

The schedule for Sunday is as follows…

  • 2pm – The celebration begins with farm snacks, music and socializing
  • 4pm – Thank you ceremony
  • 5pm until ? – Our First-Sunday-of-the-month music singalong and round-robin begins – all are welcome to join in this time-honored tradition of singing-in the winter season– feel free to bring a song or instrument!
  • 6pm – Drawing of the winning raffle ticket for the vintage banjo signed by Pete Seeger (you can buy a raffle ticket up to 6pm)
  • After the drawing the singalong and round-robin will continue

Drop by for an hour or stay for the entire afternoon and evening!  This event is free, but please bring a potluck dish.

Any available news regarding the 2014 farming prospects for Brook Farm Project and for farm manager Creek Iversen and partner Lisa Mitten will be shared, and a list of people interested in continuing with the CSA program (wherever that may be) will be circulated.

Please dress warmly in layers, as some of the festivities may take place outdoors in the greenhouses or around a bonfire.

RSVPs are much appreciated but are not necessary.  To RSVP, please email or call 255-1052.

For more information, please visit our facebook page or ourwebsite.

We look forward to seeing you this Sunday!

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